Recently the popularity of domestic travel is rising due to the depression...

That was when I started my job.

That was when I started my job. I had a stress in my unfamiliar work, and I planned to go on a short trip with my friend. The destination is Okinawa. The season is summer. It was the first time in a few years to go to Okinawa in the summer, so it was already exciting, we had all the things we needed for bathing suits and traveling and were waiting for the day. It is the day. Just in case the weather forecast we confirmed confirmed nationally sunny forecasts. Joined with a friend, boarded an airplane, I was able to step on the ground in Okinawa prefecture in a matter of a second. However, how we arrived in Okinawa, a heavy rain started falling. The rain and the strength of the wind will increase without concern for us who are stunned at the exit of the airport. However, there is no doubt that we will lose in there. Although I was abandoned swimming in the sea as expected, other plans decided regardless of bad weather that is unusual. While rebuilding the hair with heavy rain and drenching clothes in gray, whispered ""Fun! I stayed in Okinawa for three days. The umbrella which broke the bone and became useless, exceeded six in total for two people. It is a memory that makes me smile somewhat if I think now. Next time, I would like to go on a trip to Okinawa with fine weather.

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